Exterior Angles of Polygons 多邊形的外角和

Use the metaphor of the angles turned by a car travelling along the
sides of a polygon to help students to grasp the ideas of exterior
angles of a polygon and their sum.

Click the "▶" button. Observe the angles turned by the car at the corners.

Drag the green points. Check the "Show Measurement" box to see the measurements of the angles.

http://www.geogebratube.org/material/show/id/434 (Download GeoGebra file)

透過賽車還繞凸多邊形跑道行駛一週的隱喻 (metaphor),讓學生認識

點擊 「▶」。觀察賽車駛過多邊形頂點時所轉的角。