GeoGebra Institute of Hong Kong (GIHK) is 
an independent and self-sustaining community of practice 

Our goals:
  1. To build teachers’ capacity for using GeoGebra to enhance learning and teaching through organizing seminars and training workshops at different levels; 

  2. To foster the use and sharing of GeoGebra materials through the provision of user-friendly sites with a depository of the shared materials categorized according to the Hong Kong curriculum; 

  3. To improve the uses and designs of GeoGebra materials through conducting related studies and research.

Share with us:

To share a GeoGebra file with us, please:
  1. upload it to GeoGebraTube;
  2. post the GeoGebraTube link in our Facebook page or email it to us (
We shall put it in a suitable position in our depository of materials.

What's New

27 Sept 2018: 五位數的位值
30 Apr 2018: Same Denominator
30 Apr 2018: 同分母分數加法                    
30 Apr 2018: Same Denominator
30 Apr 2018: 同分母分數減法     
24 Mar 2018: 構作放大圖形
2 Jan 2018: Graph Plotter 2018
2 Dec 2017: 百變火柴 Magic Matches
                   火柴 100 Matches 100
1 Dec 2017: 閱讀月曆
                     Math24 (with solutions)
14 Nov 2017: 水位繪圖工具
6 Nov 2017: 圖形的周界
27 Sept 2017: 幾個一數  Skip Counting
12 Mar 2017: GeoGebra per la scuola elementare
                     (GeoGebra for Elementary Schools)
1 Feb 2017: Article:
                   促進 STEM 教育的 GeoGebra 課程
                   GeoGebra Courses for STEM

19 Apr 2016: New domain name of this site:

11 Nov 2015: GeoGebraBooks 錐體建築師球體建築師

28 Aug 2015: "My World My Math!" video created by GeoGebra and Microsoft

22 May 2015: GeoGebraBook 4N6 小數一:基本概念(百格圖、電子米尺、電子磅及電子量杯)

22 Mar 2015:

GeoGebra Infographic (English Version):

GeoGebra 資訊圖(繁體版)

GeoGebra 资讯图(简体版)

4 Nov 2014:

20 Jun 2014: Coming workshops:

7 Dec 2013: Coming workshops: 

29 Oct 2013: Diagonal Problem by davidcox