3.2 Measures, Shape & Space 度量、圖形與空間

Introduction to Geometry 幾何簡介

Angles related with Lines and Rectilinear Figures 與線及直線圖形有關的角

Transformation and Symmetry 變換及對稱

Introduction to Coordinates 坐標簡介

Coordinate Geometry of Straight Lines 直線的坐標幾何

Congruence and Similarity 全等及相似

Simple Introduction to Deductive Geometry 演繹幾何簡介

Quadrilaterals 四邊形

Simple Idea of Areas and Volumes 面積和體積的簡單概念

More about Areas and Volumes 續面積和體積

More about 3-D Figures 續立體圖形

Trigonometric Ratios and Using Trigonometry 三角比和三角的應用

Pythagoras’ Theorem 畢氏定理