GeoGebra Institute of Hong Kong (GIHK) is an independent and self-sustaining community of practice formed by a group of teachers, educators and scholars in Hong Kong.

Our goals:

  1. To build teachers’ capacity for using GeoGebra to enhance learning and teaching through organizing seminars and training workshops at different levels;

  2. To foster the use and sharing of GeoGebra materials through the provision of user-friendly sites with a depository of the shared materials categorized according to the Hong Kong curriculum;

  3. To improve the uses and designs of GeoGebra materials through conducting related studies and research.

What's New

08 July 2021: GeoGebra 學院(香港) 線上活動

10 Jan 2020: Several Fraction Bars

17 Sept 2019: Exploring Congruence of Triangles

17 Sept 2019: (Updated on 17 Sept 2019)

13 Sept 2019: Angle Sum of a Triangle by

13 Sept 2019: Paper Folding

21 Jun 2019: 拼砌三角形 (五邑鄒振猷學校黃昭雲老師提供)

19 Jun 2019: Making Similar Triangles

16 Jun 2019: 分數除法應用題

04 Jun 2019: Percentages and Their Applications

18 May 2019: 透過 GeoGebra 進行數學研究工作坊

18 May 2019: GeoGebra 進階工作坊

18 May 2019: GeoGebra 初階工作坊

Share with us:

To share a GeoGebra file with us, please:

  1. upload it to GeoGebra;

  2. post the GeoGebra link in our Facebook page or email it to us (

We shall put it in a suitable position in our depository of materials.