Drawing Histograms 製作組織圖

An applet to help teachers to demonstrate to students how to
draw a histogram to represent a set of grouped data.

向學生展示如何製作一個組織圖,可自行設定 x 軸及 y 軸的標度。

中文版:http://www.geogebratube.org/material/show/id/1070  (Download GeoGebra file)
English version: http://www.geogebratube.org/material/show/id/5235 (Download GeoGebra file)

Enter the class boundaries. 
Drag the red points to draw the histogram to represent the data.
(You can input another set of data of maximum 10 classes.)

http://www.geogebratube.org/material/show/id/5235 (Download GeoGebra file)

1. 完成以下頻數分佈表。
2. 拖拉紅色×點,製作一個組織圖來表達所示的數據。